Serial: 17.76X.XXX

Dial: Hands down one of the nicest dials I have ever seen on any Speedmaster PERIOD. The patina is just to die for. Radium plots are in excellent+ shape and hardly show any degradation or discoloration. 
Hands: Original Radium hands in excellent shape.
Case: Excellent case. It appears to be unpolished. Case shows some wear. Watch case has not been cleaned and was left exactly as found by the orignial owner's son (Please refer to pictures).
Crown & pushers: Original pushers. Service crown. 
Bezel: Very nice "DON" (Dot Over Ninety) TACHYMETRE bezel in excellent condition. Shows some minor wear as shown in pictures.
Bracelet: Omega 7077 with 6 end links and original spring bars. Bracelet shows some stretch.
Movement: Omega Cal 321. Watch is running and keeps decent time. It could benefit from a service as the as it has probably not been serviced for at least 20 years. 

Accessories: Omega Extract Of The Archives, original owner's manual, pictures of the original owner wearing the watch, original owner's autobiography book.

Notes: This is one of the nicest examples of CK2998-3 on the market, and by far the most complete and fully documented piece of history with full provanance. You will be hard pressed to find a more appealing example with a cooler story than this one!

1962 Omega Speedmaster ref: CK2998-3. Single Owner.