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1965 Omega "Ed White" Speedmaster ref: 105.003-63. Serial: 20.52X.XXX

This watch has a very cool back story to it with fully documented provenance.
I acquired this watch from the grandson of the original owner.
As I always do whenever I have an opportunity to purchase a vintage watch from the original owner or their family, I asked if he knew anything about the watch's history. I did not anticipate the e-mail response that came shortly after...

And here is the story:

"The owner, Abe Wietschner, my Grandfather, was a career Machinist for Grumman for over 25 years; see the attached document. He assembled and provided parts and components for the lunar module that landed on the moon. 
He always took pride in this work and his connection to that historic project. 
He purchased the watch, "The Moonwatch" as a gift for himself and a memento to recall his involvement in that effort. He wore it daily (as I am sure you could tell) and would always make reference to it when he would do work around the house. He would say "I built something that took a man to the moon wearing this watch I can certainly fix what you broke." My mother would always call him the "engineer" no matter what he was repairing or assembling for us which ranged from Hi-fi record-players to rebuilding the engine on his 85' Buick regal which he gave to me as my first car. 
In addition to other Grumman projects he also worked on the F-14 "Tomcat" interceptor and the E-2 Hawkeye all-weather Airborne Early Warning aircraft. Because of his many contributions to the aerospace industry he was recognized by the Cradle of Aviation Museum and Education Center in New York see this link:

I hope this background is enough. 
I am selling the watch because I am doing some work in the house and this is kind of my weird way of bringing him into a project that my family will benefit from. 

We will be in touch.

Ira I. Ehrenberg"


Condition report:

Dial: Original "Narrow T" MKI 105.003 dial. As you can tell, this watch has been worn regularly. The Tritium markers show discoloration, wear, and flaking. That said, all hour markers retain some of the original lume which gives the dial a uniform look without any markers which are completely "naked."
Hands: Original Tritium hands in excellent shape. Tritium shows discoloration. There is a tiny hole in the lume on the minute hand.
Case: Symmetrical straight lug case. The case has been lightly polished in the past. The lugs remain thick and even
Crown & pushers: Original "Flat-foot" crown. Pushers have been replaced with correct pressure fit service parts. The original pushers are included.
Bezel: Original "DON" (Dot Over Ninety) TACHYMETRE bezel in good condition. The bezels shows some wear as shown in pictures. The bezel has a bluish hue in direct light which is correct for this last batch of 105.003-63's produced in early 1965.
Bracelet: Original full length 7912 dated to January 1965 with #6 end links. The bracelet has been tightened by Michael Young in Hong Kong and all the spring links work as they should. The bracelet was not polished, so it retains the cosmetic wear and patina from the original owner.
Movement: Omega Cal 321. The watch was just serviced by LA Watchworks. 1 year service warranty.

Accessories: Omega Extract Of The Archives. January 29 1965 production date. Delivered to, and purchased by the original owner in St. Maarten. 
Letter from the original owner's grandson along with all documentation received from the original owner's family.

Notes: While this example might not be a "Safe-queen", it is still a rare "True Ed White" 105.003-63 with rich history and a cool connection to the space program.





1965 Omega Speedmaster 105.003-63 "Ed White"

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