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1966 Omega "Ed White" Speedmaster ref: 105.003-65. Serial: 24.00X.XXX

Condition report:

Dial: Original "Narrow T" Pre-Professional dial in flawless condition which is very har to find on an Ed White. Original Tritium lume is in fantastic shape and has developed lovely patina. The lume plots are in mint shape showing no signs of deterioration.

Hands: Original Tritium hands in excellent shape. The hands match the dial perfectly.

Case: Sharp Symmetrical straight lug case. This was has never been polished by a polishing wheel. Upon very close examination of the case's finish, it is appears that at some point the left side of the case (only) has had the brushed finish re-touched rather amateurishly (One or two "swipes" probably to get rid of a superficial scratch long before the watch has naturally picked up more wear from usage). 
The lugs are fat and even and retain their original factory thickness and shape.

Crown & pushers: Original "Flat-foot" crown. Later service pushers (from the 70's or early 80's).

Bezel: Original "DON" (Dot Over Ninety) TACHYMETRE bezel in excellent condition. The bezels shows some wear as shown in pictures, but overall in great shape.

Bracelet: Original full length 7912 dated to the 2nd quarter of 1965 with #6 end links.

Movement: Omega Cal 321. No known recent service history. The watch runs and all chrono functions work.

Accessories: Omega Extract Of The Archives has been ordered.

Notes: A beautiful and unmolested example of a 105.003-65 "Ed White" is becoming extremely difficult to find. 
Especially with a flawless dial such as this one.


1966 Omega Speedmaster 105.003-65 "Ed White"

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