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Serial: 138XXXX

Dial:  An incredible glossy Gilt dial that has color changed to a dark chocolate  shade. The dial is near flawless and the Zinc sulfate Tritium plots are in perfect shape with no lume loss. 
Hands: Original Rolex Zinc sulfate Tritium hands which perfectly match the dial.
Case:  The case has been previously polished. Crisp & legible reference & serial numbers between the lugs.
Bracelet: Original Rolex 7206/58  bracelet dated to the 4th quarter of 1966. Bracelet shoes some stretch. Bracelet has been previously polished.
Movement: Very clean Rolex Cal 1570 has been recently serviced and is running strong and keeping excellent time. 
Accessories: None.

Notes: This is a single family owned watch. It came directly from the son of the original owner.

The dial is absolutely breathtaking. Especially out in the sun.

1966 Rolex Gilt Tropical Dial Explorer 1016

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