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Serial: 24.9XX.XXX

Brief history:

The watch was discovered by the original owner's family late last year.
It was not working so they sent it to Omega for service prior to selling it.
Luckily all of the important parts were retained, and the case was not polished or altered.
The watch just came out of Omega service in February 2022.

Condition Report:

Dial: This example sports a beautiful "Narrow T" dial. The patina is super attractive. Tritium plots are in excellent+ shape and hardly show any degradation or discoloration.
There is a small smudge/discoloration spot between the 1 O'clock hour marker and the A in OMEGA.
A very faint subdial hand drag mark on the hour totalizer subdial, and a faint mark between the 25 & 30 minute markers on the minute subdial.
All hardly noticeable when wearing the watch.

Hands: Original Tritium hands in excellent shape.

Case: 'CB' asymmetrical case. Case is unpolished and the distinctive CB facets are sharp and well defined.

Caseback: The caseback is engraved with the original owner's name. 

Crown & pushers: Original flat foot crown. The pushers were replaced by Omega service center.
It looks like Omega has redesigned the service pushers for the 105.012 reference as this is the "freshest" 105.012 I am encountering that has come out from an Omega service center in 2022 and the first time I am seeing a "Fat Neck" service pusher. Those are definitely not the "Thin neck" service version we are used to seeing on factory serviced 105.012's.
The original pushers were returned by Omega and they are in the replaced parts bag.

Bezel: Super clean "DON" (Dot Over Ninety) TACHYMETRE bezel in excellent condition. Shows only minor wear .

Bracelet: Omega 1039 dated to the second quarter of 1967 with 516 end links. The bracelet only had one stretch link removed from the 6 o'clock side. 8 folded links on each side. 6 stretch links (full) on the 12 o'clock side.
The bracelet shows minor stretch and all of the stretch link springs are fully functional.

Movement: Omega Cal 321. Just serviced by Omega. The movement is pristine and winds so nice and smooth as one would expect from a freshly factory serviced watch. One year service warranty till February of 2023.

Accessories: Omega Extract Of The Archives showing production date of October 5 1967 and delivery to the United States. Omega service case, and returned parts.

Notes: Overall this is a fine example of a CB cased 105.012-66 from a single ownership and freshly serviced by Omega. Unpolished and unmolested examples of a 105.012-66 CB are not easy to come by.

1967 Omega Speedmaster Professional ref: 105.012-66 CB Unpolished.

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