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Serial: 24.53X.XXX

Dial: This example features flawless and absoutely stunning a "Wide T" dial.  The Tritium plots are in mint shape and have aged to the most beatuful patina shade ever. 
Hands: Original Tritium hands in excellent shape. Almost perfectly matching the dial.
Case: This example features the less-common HF case.  Case has been previously polished during an Omega factory service back in the 80's.  
Crown & pushers: Original Fat Neck pushers. Original flat foot crown.
Bezel: Original "DON" (Dot Over Ninety) TACHYMETRE bezel in mint condition.  
Bracelet: Omega 1039 dated to the first quarter of 1968 with 516 end links.
Movement: Omega Cal 321. Movement is working and keeping good time. No known recent service history.

Accessories: Omega Extract Of The Archives. April 26 1967 Production. Delivered to the Netherlands.

Notes: I originally sourced this watch from the orignial owner's estate back in 2018 and sold it to a very close friend of mine who is a vintage watch collector. He is reluctently letting it go as he is rasing funds to buy out of his lawfirm's partners. This is one of the nicest exmaples of a 105.012-66 HF that I have come across, the perfect dial, perfect hands, and perfect bezel combo on this example are a trifecta not to be missed on such a beautiful and rare vintage Speedmaster!

1967 Omega Speedmaster Professional ref: 105.012-66 HF Stunning Dial.

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