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Serial: 16XXXXX

Dial: Stunning meters first dial. One of the best preserved ones I've ever seen on one of these. The dial is near flawless with the most mesmerizing patina ever.
Hands: Original Rolex Tritium hands matching the dial perfectly.
Case: This watch was purchase from an estate or a Vietnam Vet. As you can see, the case shows "Battle scars". Looks like it might have been polished at some point. Lugs are nice & thick. Reference & serial numbers are legible. (Please refer to pictures).
Bezel & Insert: Original bezel with original "Long 5" fat font insert.
Bracelet: None. (Head only).
Movement: Original Cal 1520 is running and keeping excellent time. There is no known service history.
Accessories: None.

Notes: This watch came from the estate of the original owner who (as I am told) was a Vietnam Vet. Please refer to a picture of the watch as it was when I received it with the plexiglass all scratched up, and the dial was barely visible through the glass. I have only polished the Plexi.
In my opinion, this meters first 5513 has one of the nicest dials currently on offer anywhere.

1967 Rolex 5513 Submariner. Meters First.

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