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Serial: 852XXXX

Dial: Flawless Tritium dial with light cream patina.
Hands: Original Rolex Tritium hands.
Case: Crisp and unpolished case. Legible reference & serial numbers. Case shows some minor wear, (Please refer to pictures).
Bezel & Insert: Sharp original bezel with a stunning deep colored "Pepsi" insert.
Bracelet: Original Rolex 62510H bracelet dated to 1984 with 550 end links. Bracelet shoes some stretch.
Movement: Very clean Rolex Cal 3075. Serviced January 2019. Keeping excellent time.
Accessories: None.

Notes: Just a gorgeous mid 80's 16750 GMT. The flawless Patina'd dial and the deep colored insert give this piece a striking look. This watch is guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you'll look at you wrist (and trust me, you'll be doing a lot of looking...)

1984 Rolex 16750 GMT Master Pepsi. Unpolished.

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